Episode 80: Coronavirus – What To Expect and What You Should Do?

Apr 7, 2020

With the country shut down, unemployment on the rise, and the markets acting incredibly volatile, what should you expect, and what should you do? That’s the topic of this podcast with Jerry and Nick Royer, along with their co-host Mark Elliott.

Here are just a handful of the things that we'll discuss:

  • What is Price Dislocation, and how is it causing the market prices to appear inaccurate?
  • What are the 3 types of market crashes, and which type is this one?
  • What can we learn from the history books about situations similar to this?
  • How long does a market decline like this one usually last, and how long does it typically take to recover?
  • What should you be doing with your free time, and what shouldn’t you be doing?
  • Is Recession a 100% probability?


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